Did Christianity Today Magazine Move to the Left?


Christianity Today Magazine’s support for Black Lives group and Black reparation seen as a shift to the Left

An unlikely subscriber of the prominent Evangelical magazine, Catholic defender of the faith, Steve Ray canceled his 40-year subscription to CT magazine. He said, “it has soiled itself.” The riots and pandemics revealed political colors and caused division.

Franklin Graham, whose father Billy Graham founded Christianity Today, said, “It’s obvious that CT has moved to the left….”

Karl Marx introduced marxism in Germany. It promotes atheism in keeping with Marxism–Leninism ideology.

Christianity Today editor prefers Trump removed

Chief editor Mark Galli wrote a scathing blog on Trump that also echoes BLM sentiments. Founded by Billy Graham, his son Franklin said his father would be disappointed at Christianity Today.

Incidentally, CT also affiliates itself with anti-Trump female pastor Beth Moore criticized for her pop-Christianity. She appreciated the anti-Trump blog by twitting, “My hat’s off to you, @markgalli. Respect.

Christianity Today Magazine for “Black reparation?”

CT magazine president Timothy Dalrymple pleaded with churches to consider “biblical restitution” (Black reparation) for what happened in the past by setting up financial funds.

CT on Black Lives Matter

In a CT article, Professor Jarvis Williams acknowledged that the BLM organization affirms things contrary to Scripture. Using the words “black lives matter” associated with the Marxist group caused a dilemma.

Black Lives Matter roots for socialism, and its leaders are trained Marxists. They are pro-abortion, call on dead spirits, and some members burned Bibles and destroyed religious statues. In short, their ideology comes down to atheism.

Black author Candace Owens debunks systemic racism and blames mainstream media for “white guilt.” She calls BLM a “trash organization” that has nothing to do with black lives. Owens warns of victim mentality and the “Black card” BLM uses to destroy western society.

The Egyptian deity Horus of Pe, kneeling with fist up. Should Christians support Black Lives Matter? Pictures say a thousand words.

The question, therefore, is if Bible-believers should support an “Atheist-Marxist” group

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to know racism is wrong. A true Christian who bears fruit knows we must love one another, regardless of color. For Christian author Dr. Michael Brown, “Black lives matter” should be said loud and clear, but BLM should be exposed for what it is.”

Apologist John Macarthur said in this video, “If you would think Biblically, you wouldn’t want to do anything with Black Lives Matter (group).”

“Black lives matter” should be shouted loudly & clearly, but BLM should be exposed for what it is.”

The demonic influence of far-left.
Should Christians be social activists?
Should Christians support BLM?


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