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Monday, January 25, 2021

No Apologies: Chinese Looking FilAms Face Racism


Chinese, Asian minorities, chinky-eyed Filipino-American face COVID-19 racism

Terence, a US Filipino immigrant, was in Costco. A white male bumped his cart; then, a young woman shouted at him because he was stalling the checkout line. Like other “Chinese-looking” Asians, the Coronavirus stereotype is real.

Over 1,800 discriminatory and harassment incident reports filed at the Stop Americans and Pacific Islanders Hate website. Some Americans associate their hate for China with anyone whose a chink. POTUS who promoted hydroxychloroquine and called COVID “Chinese Virus” seems to have made it worse.

Racist Stereotyping

Asian-American studies professor at Sanfo State University Russell Jeung said, “When China is made the enemy, people who look like Chinese are the enemy. The economy is tanking; people are dying. They’re angry and fearful and want to take it out on Asian Americans even more.”

According to a survey, 9 out of 10 victims targeted because of their Asian features. There are 37% of incidents taking place in public areas; 90 % of the cases were about verbal harassment and shunning, and 15% physically assaulted. [Reuters]

→ NuLu “mafia-style” extortion in La Bodeguita De Mima.

US to ensure the safety of Asian Americans

Some acts of harassment take place in public areas such as convenience stores, subways, or parking lots. Stop AAPI Hate, an anti-racism association in the US is in action to ensure the safety of Asian Americans’ hometowns.

Fortunately, 75% of Filipino-Americans have not experienced harassment or discrimination due to COVID, according to an online poll. Perhaps, it’s because Pinoys looks for Mexican than Chinese.

In the ongoing Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest, FilAm James Juanillo faced racist rant from a white lady when he wrote on his fence his support for BLM. Thankfully, the woman apologized. However, a racist white man called the ABSCBN News team in Bernal Park, “Disease carriers.” He hurled more insults by calling Filipinos, “danger to society.”

AAPI Data survey on Filipinx Americans and STOP AAPI HATE shows disconcerting data

  • 1 out of 4 Filipinos has experienced COVID-related racism
  • 27% Higher prevalence of other forms of racism, such as getting poor service than whites in restaurants or stores.
  • 21% Called names or insulted.
  • 36% of Americans assume Filipinos do not speak English.
  • 40% Filipinos concerned they will “experience COVID-related racism.”

Racial bonds and compassion serve us their fuel to outlive this crisis. They are coming together as one has a more significant impact on fighting racism and developing empathy with other people having the same face and color.

As a local government response, the New York City Commission on Human Rights launched a multilingual campaign to fight over COVID-19 related discrimination happening among Asian-Americans. In times of crisis, we need even more empathy and not allow racism to make people colorblind.

Dr. Gold fired for promoting hydroxychloroquine for COVID.

1 out of 4 Filipinos has experienced COVID-related racism

Celebrities Help Launch #UnapologeticallyAsian Campaign

To fight racial discrimination and harassment, Asian-Americans, including Filipinos living in the USA, united to rally and support each other, at least in social media. Hashtags #UnapologeticallyAsian, and #RacisimIsAVirus hopes to raise awareness that this is not OK.

The #UnapologeticallyAsian aims to combat racism and xenophobia by uplifting the AAPI community. It was organized by Jeremiah Abraham [AsAm]

Asian Lives Matters, Increasing Racism among Amerasian.
Lovely del Mundo
Lovely Del Mundo is an English Instructor, academic writer, and content blogger for travel & culture, current events, and brand marketing. Her motto? Writing is worth to co-exist with!


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