Greatest lie ever told in America


Candice Owens investigates BLM and why George Floyd is not a hero that mainstream media perpetuates

Conservative pundit Candice Owens who claims police brutality is a myth is exposing another lie. Does it mean George Floyd wasn’t a hero? Should we still support Black Lives Matter (BLM)? What about mainstream media, celebrities, and even progressive Christians who supported their cause?

Rotten Tomato’s audience gives the docufilm a 92% rating.

What Candice Owens claims about BLM

  • Floyd, an addict, and criminal does not deserve a martyr status.
  • BLM raised 90 million, which benefited the organizers more than its intended use.
  • Mainstream media that supported the cause is perpetuating a lie.
  • George Floyd is not a hero.

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