California, Poster Child of Left-Liberals


California, the poster child of far-left liberal ideology

Liberal-Democrat California has always been at the forefront of liberal policies. The progressive laws of Minneapolis and New York did not sit well with many people, predominantly the minority.

In 2019 alone, more than half a million people left California for Texas, according to LAO.

The pandemic was the “last straw”

Lam, a Vietnamese immigrant who has lived there for the last 30 years, said, “It’s hard to keep up with the bills.” Everything is expensive in California, he said on ABC7.

Another immigrant said, “I blame the state… I don’t like the litter, the trash, the homeless.”


California, a dystopian punchline

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, critical of its progressive laws, lived his entire life in California. In September 2020, he left the state and moved to Nashville. “Democrats turned California into a dystopian punchline,” he said.

In May 2020, Elon Musk Elon Musk’s threat to leave California could cost Tesla $1 billion — and be worth it, he said. He also warned that Austin, Texas, must not become a San Francisco copycat.

San Francisco, California, the poster child of progressive left-liberal, is known for its “woke policies.”


Free syringe you can use for drugs

San Francisco’s “progressive policies” on drugs kill hundreds of people each year. ‘It’s raining needles in San Francisco, reported ABC News.

Areas in the city have become de facto open-air drug bazaars, with drug abuse and sales taking place for all to see. Sanfo is not alone. Southern California is said to be a hotbed for Fentanyl. [Hoover]

In Santa Cruz County, there is a needle litter problem. For more than 30 years, California’s public health officials and nonprofits have provided clean hypodermic needles to people who use them to inject drugs. These brag about these policies as being “progressive.” [S.C. Local; C.A. Health] 

In 2020, State Senator Scott Wiener pushed for “Safe Injection Sites” to legalize drug users to “safely” consume in the presence of medical professionals to prevent overdoses.


Enabling more crimes to proliferate

California’s AB 109 and Proposition 47

California’s AB 109, enacted in 2011, aimed to reduce prison overcrowding by transferring responsibility for less severe crimes to counties. However, it has resulted in the early release of individuals who may pose a risk to public safety.

In San Francisco, Proposition 47, passed in 2014, has decriminalized drug possession and property crimes like shoplifting under $950.

This has increased theft and other crimes, leading to many businesses leaving San Francisco in 2023.

SB 1391: Encouraging recidivism

California’s SB 1391, enacted in 2018, prevents 14 and 15-year-old offenders from being tried as adults, regardless of the seriousness of their crimes. The law has led to an increase in heinous crimes committed by minors.

Critics argue that the law endangers the public by releasing dangerous criminals at the age of 25 and denies justice by allowing early release for 14 and 15-year-olds involved in serious crimes.


LGBTQ Rights that punish others

In 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation threatening jail time for healthcare professionals who “willfully and repeatedly” refuse to use a patient’s preferred pronouns.

Already, the California Education Code requires public schools to provide safe and supportive environments for LGBTQ students and prohibits discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

In 1959, the Unruh Civil Rights Act prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in housing, accommodations, or services.

When LGBTQ rights were weaponized through the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015, religious persecution began, citing the Unruh Act and other new laws.

For example, a Christian baker, a Christian retirement home, and physicians were brought to court for violating LGBTQ rights. The list of religious persecution continues to expand.

In 2016, the Sacramento Bill 1146 targeted Christian schools that maintain Biblical beliefs on marriage and sexuality and used the threat of losing government funds to force them to change those beliefs. 

In 2018, California’s AB2943 Law proposed to penalize anyone who speaks against the LGBTQ community.

“5 million reparations”

In 2023, the Board of Supervisors recommended a $5 million “reparations” payment for EACH eligible black citizen.

California: “The Homeless Capital of the World”

California hosts an alarming 161,548 homeless individuals, with Los Angeles County alone sheltering over 66,000 as of 2021.

Unfortunately, some Filipinos weren’t spared by the “unhoused crisis.” In 2023, TFC News estimated about 30 Filipinos are homeless and living on the streets of Los Angeles.

This crisis is blamed on the exorbitant cost of living, mental health and addiction, and scarcity of affordable housing. However, all these are rooted in policymaking.

Despite substantial government funding, progress remains slow due to policies that incentivize crime, drugs, and homelessness, all the while punishing landlords and businesses with unreasonable taxes driven by ideology.

The largest economy in the U.S.

Under Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, California faces a $68 billion budget deficit despite its robust economy boasting a $3.8 trillion gross state product (GSP) in 2023, making it the largest state economy in the U.S. and globally.


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