10-Photos Proves Filipinos can any weather


Ten photos prove Filipinos can withstand anything—”Bagyo ka Lang, Pinoy Kami”

On a Facebook social media page, “Idol Raffy Tulfo Lines,” ten photos prove Filipinos’ resilience. Captioned, “Bagyo ka lang, PINOY kami!” captures different storm seasons and heavy flooding that have united Filipinos and mastered catastrophes with a smile.

With Red Horse Beer, Filipinos can weather any storm—or flood.

Basketball, it seems, has overtaken “sipa” as National Sport.

Yes, in the streets of Metro Manila, it’s free dive during typhoons.

“Bayanihan” is an important Filipino virtue that remains alive!

Juan Tamad” folklore is proverbial, but who can resist when the weather feels cool and the sound of a relaxing stream?

Pag may tiaga, may nilaga,” Pinoys can weather any flood.

Filipinos live for TV. Why mope when you can chillax in a huge tub?

Boys will be boys.

Love knows no boundary, time, or weather.

Yes, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

In 2023, Filipinos did it again, and there’s a video to prove it!


  1. Thanks for posting but this story really is not just about fun, but how Filipinos don’t see the problem in their country.

  2. I am not real good with English but photos are funny but really powerful. Inspiring Filipinos! You Are unique people.

  3. I have Filipino friends who are really nice, they tell me how hard it is in the Philippines because of massive corruption.

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