Filipino Brit Boxer: Tom Welland for Gold


British Filipino Amateur Boxer Tom Welland: Aiming for Olympic Gold

Tom Welland, an 18-year-old amateur boxer with a British father and a Filipino mother, is determined to become the first Filipino Olympic gold medalist in boxing.

With an impressive record of 44 wins in the amateur circuit, he is preparing himself for the biggest journey of his life. Tom’s journey, along with his unwavering determination and the sacrifices he has made, serves as an inspiration to many.

Tom’s Missed Opportunity

Tom has faced setbacks and disappointments along the way. England overlooked him despite his impressive performances, which deeply affected him.

However, rather than dwell on missed opportunities, Tom channeled his frustration into motivation. The door that closed on his English aspirations opened a new opportunity with the Philippines.

His dual nationality and Filipino heritage presented a chance to represent a country that embraced his potential and offered him the training camp he desired.

Training and Transformation

Training in the Philippines has been grueling, with three daily sessions, six days a week. Tom’s commitment to his craft is evident as he pushes through physical and mental challenges.

His training regimen includes running to the point of fatigue, simulating the feeling of vulnerability that can be experienced in a boxing match. Tom’s style of boxing differs from the traditional English approach, characterized by aggression and a relentless pursuit of his opponents.

Despite producing talented boxers like Manny Pacquiao, they have yet to secure the top spot. Tom’s pursuit of gold becomes a story of national pride, and he will surely find support from Filipinos worldwide.

Philippines Olympic Squad

Welland has recently announced his decision to join the Philippines Olympic squad, starting in April 2023. This new chapter in Tom’s boxing career involves intense training and competing alongside fellow Olympians from around the world.

Welland’s immediate focus will be on the ASIAN games, scheduled for September 2023. This prestigious tournament presents him with a golden opportunity to secure a qualification spot for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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