Brandon Tatum BBC interview: No racism in America?


Blexit Ex-Police Brandon Tatum BBC interview claims, there’s no racism in America

Ridiculous as it sounds, ex-police officer Brandon Tatum, co-Founder of Blexit, claims, “We don’t have a problem with racism in our country.” His interview with BBC was explosive. One fan said it was a mistake BBC invited.

In full throttle, Brandon, aka Officer Tatum, said systemic racism is all about politics in a “woke America.”

Officer Tatum’s “No racism in America” transcript

We don’t have a problem with racism

We have a problem with people, not following the law, we also have a problem with politicians making up things, so they can get reelected. And that’s exactly what has been happening. That’s why you never see anything change.

Tony Timpa story ignored

“Twice as many white people get killed by police every year… you just don’t see it. (For example) There’s a gentleman named Tony Timpa. I guarantee you, anybody, watching me has no idea who Tony Timpa is.

“Tony Timpa was murdered in the same fashion that George Floyd was killed (by white police). Because he was white, we don’t hear about it and nobody cares about it. Nobody’s talking about police reform when he was suffocated and killed (in 2019).

Black people commit over half of the violent crimes

Blacks only make up 13 percent of the population. They commit over half of the murders in this country. We can agree that 13% of the population aren’t criminals. There’s only a small fraction of the black community is doing this so.

That explains why police are in the black communities more (more than white neighborhoods). That explains why black people are incarcerated more.

Politicians uses blacks to get reelected

“They (politicians) are making up lies saying that it has anything to do with racism. Do you understand that?

“There are black police officers to that Patrol in many of these majority-black cities, are they racist? No, that’s not the case.

They’re just making these things up in my personal opinion. They’re riding a wave of dead black people in order to make money and get political leverage...”

The interview ended with Tatum saying, “God bless you.”

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