Racial Inequality Fueled by MSM, Schools, White Guilt


Racial inequality fueled by mainstream media, politicians, education system

Political analyst, Candice Owens, believes Liberal-Democrat politicians push racism in America to curry favor within Blacks. In this video, she claims these are attempts to make the election all about race.

Certain people factor in police brutality that Owens refutes. These politicians push a dangerous liberal and progressive agenda for power.

Candice Owens cancelled by social media for her opinion

Candace was banned on Twitter and recently suspended by GoFundMe for refusing to make a hero out of George Floyd.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) uses police brutality and reparation as leverage. However, a widely touted study found no evidence of racism in police shootings. Statistics that the media uses are full of errors, the reason the influential journal retracted it.

Systemic racism is a ‘big lie,’ and ‘white guilt’ is allowing people to ‘act like toddlers’

In a recent interview with Ben Shapiro, Candace said that a systemic feeling of “white guilt” in the United States is much more detrimental to black Americans than racism, especially “systemic racism.”

The assumption that “systemic racism” is stopping black people from succeeding in the USA is meritless, says Owens. “White guilt” is at least partly responsible for injustices done to black people in the past. “It’s keeping black Americans from maturing,” she said.

The assumption of “systemic racism” is stopping black people from succeeding.

The best place to be black is in America

Candice believes that police brutality is a myth that’s adding racial tension. It’s good to be Black in America. For Black Harvard Professor Orlando Patterson, “America, while still flawed in its race relations… is now the least racist white-majority society in the world.

  • There are seventeen black celebrations in America.
  • A black US President was elected twice. There are black senators, lawmakers, and judges.
  • America has black professors, doctors, policemen, and in every public position.
  • African-Americans even have their own Black National Anthem.
  • Interracial marriage was illegal until 1967. Today, racial intermarriage is celebrated openly.
  • Special scholarship just for blacks and “Black Studies’ taught in universities.
  • All people of color in America have access to hospital care, education, and financial assistance.
  • Companies like Google acted on collectivism for preferential treatment among black women.
  • Woke companies accommodate “Black privileges,” and there are exclusive “Black-only clubs.”

Liberal schools creates racism

Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson warns neo-Marxist professors are widespread in colleges who discriminate against conservatives’ views. They indoctrinate students with racial narratives as if we still live in the 1960s.

For example, the San Francisco Board of Education declared that merit is “an inherently racist construct designed and centered on white supremacist framing… our world based on implied beliefs that privilege whiteness.

In 2021, another teacher was accused of instilling racial inequality. A biracial student in Las Vegas is failing ‘Sociology of Change’ after refusing to confess that he held “white dominance.” His mother filed a lawsuit against the school. [Dailywire]

Conservative Republicans in Florida opposed

Florida’s Gov. DeSantis is purging the teaching of “critical race theory and other unsubstantiated theories” from its public schools. It is teaching kids to hate their country, he said.

Mainstream Media creates racism

Former Democrat Professor of political science and law, Carol Swain, admits, “There’s only racism when the media creates a race problem.”

Mainstream media, for its part, called the rioting and pillaging, “mostly peaceful rally,” while they labeled Trumpism as racism; and that Conservatives are mostly “white supremacist.”

CNN, MSNBC, Google, Twitter, accused of media manipulation

CNN has been accused of ‘fake news‘ after POTUS Trump used it to label them. During the BLM riot, these media outlets accused of pushing the racial narrative, as Candice Owens pointed out.

ABC, Atlantic, Guardian, Vox, and social media giants Twitter and YouTube criticized for their media bias. Recently, MSNBC Ariana Pekary admitted how her previous cable news divides people with identity politics.

In March 2021, a New York Times ‘opinion contributor’ wrote in another website, The Root, that whiteness is a public health crisis—a pandemic.

Celebrities hint on racism

Understandably, most Blacks affirm systemic racism exists. In 2021, the explosive interview of Oprah with Prince Harry and Meghan floated the idea that certain royals were racist. Despite the fact, Meghan was received with open arms in the royal family.

Candice, Black and married to a Briton like her, slams Meghan Markle for giving ‘cheap Hollywood spin’ to ‘royal family exit’ as ‘she wanted more.’ [Meaww]

Bottom line, Black Lives Matter organization is a “trash organization” that has nothing to do with (supporting) Black lives, says Owens.

“Race has become a business,” says Candice Owens.

What Mainstream Media says about racism.

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