Police Brutality a Myth, Says Candice Owens


Systemic Racism blamed on decades of inequality, unequal opportunity, discrimination, white privilege, and police brutality—a myth, says prominent conservative pundit Candace Owens

In this video, Black conservative Candace Owens said, “The whole concept of racialized police brutality is a myth. All you have to do is sit down and do basic mathematics to discover that the entire narrative that we have been told is a lie.”

At the height of the riots, Candace said in her Facebook post, “We allow our Black youth to be programmed by Satanic media that tells them they will never be anything…, MIGHT AS WELL lead lives of anger, crime….

Mainstream media propaganda manipulating minds?

Prominent Black educators Dr. Carol Swain and Dr. Thomas Sowell agree racism in America is directed to something more sinister. Media propaganda is manipulating our minds, claims the Out of Shadow documentary.

Critical Race Theory

Even UK’s Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch condemned BLM and the Critical Race Theory or CRT. It encourages “white guilt” and views blackness as victimhood and whiteness as oppression.

We don’t want to see teachers teach white pupils about white privilege and inherited racial guilt,” she said at the House of Commons 2020.

Black privilege in America today

In July 2020, Bob Kosto, a county firefighter, was fired after his racially insensitive and violent social media posts. He said Black Privilege is the “ability to break every law in the country and remain the victim.

Black slavery and racism were terrible past in America. Since the 1960s, a lot has changed. Today, Blacks have more privileges than Asians or any other minorities.

  • Blacks have equal and “protected rights,” guaranteed by the US Constitution.
  • Their role in history is celebrated in history books and taught in school.
  • There are black professors, doctors, policemen, lawmakers, and sports superstars.
  • Blacks have lead roles in many Hollywood movies, and Black singers reign supreme.
  • A Black President was elected twice, which was unimaginable five decades ago.
  • There are exclusive “Black only” entertainment clubs and social clubs.
  • American blacks are the freest and most prosperous in the world, said Dr. Baucham.
  • Blacks have their own “Black National Anthem,” played at NFL.
  • They have an exclusive ‘Miss Black America pageant’ contest.
  • Critical Race Theory (CRT) is pushed in schools to show “whiteness” by itself is racism.
  • There are 18 Black holidays including Juneteenth (July 19) that became a holiday. It’s first Federal Holiday declared in 40 years last June 17, 2021. It commemorates the end of slavery in 1866.

(See more examples here, here, here, and here)

Data on Police Brutality

In 2021,  a San Francisco restaurant owner and staff asked three armed police officers to leave because their weaponized uniforms made them uncomfortable.

The trend of police hatred, by defunding police, gained traction in 2020. White police were labeled racist, and the spike of Blacks killed by police broke the dam.

However, recent data show police officers who encounter violent suspects (from any racial group) have a greater chance of being shot, regardless of race.

According to a WSJ report, research by Harvard economist Roland Fryer Jr. found no evidence of racial discrimination in shootings.

no evidence of racial discrimination in shootings

Black prejudice by armed police

Most police see Black men as troublemakers, suspects, or likely on probation. Blacks get stopped 10-times more, arrested 26-times more, and killed at 5-times the rate of others. Statistics show Blacks (13.4% of the US population) appear more belligerent than other races. [Crime statistics]

  • In 2015, 36% of violent crimes were committed by Blacks, even if they only represednted 15% of the total population.
  • In 2018, Blacks committed 60% of robberies in the USA, representing only 15% of the population. [PNAS 2019]
  • Blacks are more likely to kill cops than being killed by cops, according to 2015 data. [FBI data]
  • In 2019, 14 unarmed blacks were fatally shot, while police killed 25 unarmed whites. The 14 blacks killed represents a low 0.2% out of the 7,300 black homicide in 2019, a few months before the Floyd death. [USA Today]

Data on all offenses indicate why Blacks are frequent target of prejudice by police, 2019

Police shooting occurs more with Blacks because they commit more than 50 percent of the USA’s robberies, murder, and assault. [PragerU]

  • Asians offenses: 159,000 out of 22 Million Asian population.
  • White offenses: 7 Million out of 236 Million White population
  • Blacks offenses: 2.6 Million out of 46 Million Black population

Data on Black-on-Black violence

Violence among Black-on-Black exposes Black belligerence and recidivism. There are many law-abiding and peaceful Black citizens, but most lawbreakers arrested blame it on “systemic racism” rather than acknowledging the need to be law-abiding.

  • On average, more than 5,000 Blacks are killed by other Blacks yearly. [Daily Wire]
  • At least 90% of “Black homicide” are killed by “other Blacks.” [The Root]
  • In Chicago, 80% of known murder suspects in 2015 were Black. [NY Post]
  • Over 72% of Blacks were born out of wedlock, resulting in more impoverished families, making it more difficult for them to finish college and find good jobs. [Politifact]
  • Black men have higher rates of recidivism than other ethnic minorities. [AAAS]

Bottom line, leftists want to keep racism alive using the “Race Card”

Mainstream media (MSM) perpetuate racism. For example, MSNBC guest host Tiffany Cross said, “If you are not a person of color, and millions of people of color…are saying a thing or person is racist, it’s really not your place to say it isn’t.” That’s using the “Black Race Card.”

As racism recedes to near insignificance as an impediment to success, those who profit from the belief in and perception of “systemic” racism must necessarily invent “new,” “newer,” and “newest” ways of describing it, tweets Larry Elder.

Candace Owens explains why the Left continually invokes racism instead of doing something truly positive to help the Black community.

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