Amazon, Apple Removes “Ex-Gay” Books


Big Tech Amazon, Apple removes Christian books about overcoming homosexuality

Years ago, Amazon removed “ex-gay” books written by Christians. The authors promote “freedom from homosexuality.” In short, Amazon doesn’t want Christians to tell their story of redemption in Christ. “You are banned. Banished. Purged. Canceled,” said Dr. Michael Brown.


Digital Book Burning

Amazon bans these books because they say the message of the book violates their content guidelines. Big Tech giants Amazon and Apple label these books as “offensive” to the LGBTQ community.

Meantime, Amazon continues to sell books that promote pedophilia and books with gay sex themes, such as the Lawn Boy and various gay books for kids.

Amazon is not alone in censoring and canceling Christian-based books

The day Trump left the White House, Big Brother Tech canceled Parler and deactivated thousands of mostly conservative Christian accounts accused of “misinformation.”

In February 2021, President Biden proposed the Equality Act of 2021, which is seen as “anti-Christian” values.

Dr. Seuss’s book canceled

The following month, six Dr. Seuss books to stop being printed as Biden cuts author from “Read Across America Day.” These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong, left-liberal claims.

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