Biden’s Amnesty Bad News for US Citizens


President Biden’s amnesty for 11 million undocumented aliens good news but bad for low-income US citizens

In the name of humanity, billions of people do need help. When my mother petitioned me to be with her in the US, I waited three decades. It was hard, but it was also legal.

President Biden offering legal status to 11 million illegal immigrants will strain the already underprivileged workers’ benefits.

Ed Stetzer, Dean of Wheaton College and vocal critic of Trump, claims the former President is “trying to fool everyone with his anti-immigrant rhetoric.” However, immigration studies confirm the obvious.

History of Filipinos immigrants in America.

The implications of Biden’s illegal immigrant amnesty, according to immigration studies

Government funding to support the “tsunami of immigrants” granted citizenship would fall hardest on the most underprivileged American workers.

These are US citizens, nationals, and legal immigrants who depend on government subsidies. People with a comfortable income like Stetzer, of course, won’t be affected.

amnesty will fall hardest on underprivileged workers

1 million immigrants admitted annually, an upward trend because of chain migration

More than 1 million immigrants arrive in the U.S. each year, according to Pew Research. Jessica Vaughan, CIS director, noted that 61% of the 33 million immigrants admitted between 1981 and 2016 were “chain migration immigrants.” [Immigration Studies]

SNAP, Medicaid, housing burden, and breathtaking deficit, who’s footing the bill?

Public benefits SNAP, most forms of Medicaid, and Section 8 housing assistance, will be compromised. America already has a staggering 27 trillion debt last October. The additional bailouts and stimmy aren’t even included yet.

Last year, Mike Bloomberg spent $500 million in ads to be President and help the country. Imagine if he divided that money to 331 million citizens. That’s $1.5 million less—pretending each citizen can pay 8 million to foot the debt deficit.

The American Bubble: Figures don’t lie

2020 Government Spending: $6.5 trillion
2020 Deficit: $3.1 trillion
2020 Stimulus Relief: $3 trillion
2020 USA Debt: 27 Trillion.

Each US citizen can pay 8 million to foot the debt deficit.

Can California still take new immigrants? Miles of homeless people in LA is making it look like a third world country.

Companies are using A.I. to serve customers. Soon, they won’t need minimum wage earners.

America’s bubble economy

Biden also calls for a $15 minimum wage. Companies are already slashing employees by using A.I. to serve customers. Soon, they won’t need a lot of minimum wage earners. This move will result in about 3.7 million unemployment in less than 5 years. [CBO]

Reversing Trump’s immigration policies, extended lockdown, and rising unemployment may finally break the bubble. Of course, the government can print more money—pun intended.

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