Best Filipino Restaurant & Food to Go in Chicagoland


The best and most authentic Filipino restaurant and food to go catering order in Chicagoland

Ruby’s Fast Food

Catering: Yes
Restaurant location: Pulaski Rd., Chicago
Telephone: (773) 539-2669, Facebook, Website
Google Review: 4.5 out of 464 reviews
Specialties: Dine-in, to-go, all-day breakfast, classic Pinoy dishes.

Simple Delights Filipino Bakery and Cafe

Catering: Yes
Restaurant location: 9237 Waukegan Rd., Morton Grove
Telephone: (773) 267-2726, Facebook, Website
Google Review: 4.3 out of 56 reviews
Specialties: Filipino Bakery & Cafe, Boodle Fight, Buffet catering, special events.

Simple Delights Filipino Bakery and Cafe in Morton Grove.


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