Alternative Social Media for Conservative Safe Space


3-Best Alternative social media platforms for conservatives—Instead of “Big Brother” Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Days before former President Trump ended his term in 2021, Big Brother Tech Facebook, Twitter deactivated his account, and (Google-owned) YouTube suspended it. Thousands of his supporter’s social media accounts were also canceled, reported USA Today.

Twitter deactivated at least 70,000 accounts that support the “QAnon” conspiracy. A rising conservative platform, Parler was taken down by Amazon AWS and Apple. Hence, rumors of a Trump News Network as an alternative conservative platform circulated.

Conservative figures push for alternatives

Political commentators Candice Owens, Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, and even Tesla’s Elon Musk promoted the following platforms, as alternative.

1. Signal vs. WhatApp

Safe and encrypted app Signal was endorsed by Elon Musk and Edward Snowden. Signal saw 7.5 million downloads last week, a 4,200% increase on the previous week.

2. Rumble vs. YouTube

Rumble pays better if you are up for revenue says its CEO, Chris Pavloski. Otherwise, Rumble is a good alternative for YouTube. However, it still needs to increase its user-base. Dan Bongino is one of its most popular Rumblers.

3. Parler vs. Facebook and Twitter

Apple, Google and Amazon, and other platforms removed the social networking app Parler. The surge of conservative supporters of Donald Trump, claiming electoral fraud, among others, was the source of contention.

Other platforms associated with left-bias, cancelling conservative voices

Amazon AWS
Google Search
Twitch (Amazon)


  1. Parler still doesnt work and I don’t think they can fight those big giants. There is no alternative in the USA, its much like China, where everything is controlled by a single entity, maybe a group. But We’re always gonna be owned. That’s just the sad part of this world today.

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