Nucleotides for the human body


Benefits of Nucleotides to the human body

IMUREGEN, just like other nucleotide supplements, is ideal for those who have poor nutrition or those who do not eat meat in the average daily quantities required.

Its kind of protein supports and strengthens the body. IMUREGEN can supply our body with Nucleotides that are important in maintaining healthy cells.

Nucleotide supplements also support intestinal integrity. Study shows that it can help maintain healthy villi in the stomach lining, enabling the body to absorb nutrients.

When a sick body is devoid of nutrients, it becomes weaker, and sustaining the immune system to protect the body will eventually be impossible.

IMUREGEN helps our body combat diseases and neutralize the effects of a deteriorating environment, virus, bacteria, or long-term exposure to heavy drugs, antibiotics, and chemotherapy.

What is better than IMUREGEN?

Food supplements come in different sizes and shapes, but when it comes to homeostasis and cellular health, LAMININE is the winner. It is a unique and natural protein-based capsule that contains FGF2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), which activates stem cells in the body.

12 Important benefits of Nucleotides

1. Antiaging effects.
2. Antitumor effects.
3. Cell membrane repair.
4. Helps with chronic fatigue.
6. Supports endocrine gland.
7. Faster wound healing (post-surgery).
8. Growth and development.
9. Intestinal integrity, maturation, and bowel flora.
10. Helps improve clearance secretion on the bronchial lining.
11. Support detoxification pathways in the liver
12. Tissue regeneration

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