Battle of the Proteins: Eggs vs Meat


Battle of the proteins: Eggs vs. Meat

Amino acids and Nucleotides

Adults or kids need protein. It is essential in rebuilding damaged or sick cells and organs. Without protein, the body cannot produce new muscles and tissues.

Most proteins, as we know, come from meat, milk, and some vegetables, but the battle is between an egg, which is the gold standard for nutrition, and meat, be it beef, chicken, or pork.

Let’s get more technical about it. If we refer to meat as a source of protein, let’s be specific to the nucleotide (dietary, which means you can get it from food) that has clear benefits for the body.

For eggs, let’s be specific to amino acids essential in repairing damaged cells or organs.

1. What are Dietary Nucleotides?

Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA and RNA, which are also needed by a living cell. Just as there are many different individual amino acids, there are multiple nucleotides.

Important uses

The specific base pairing between these two groups gives DNA and RNA their characteristic double helix structure and the alignment, or “sequence,” of nucleotides within the DNA and RNA molecules that make up individual genes and the overall genetic code. (Source: Canada Poultry)

Where can you get dietary nucleotide?

It can be found in most types of animal tissue or blood byproduct. Similar to how lab-grown meat is produced through Bovine Blood Plasma.

10 Leading brands of Nucleotide Supplement

● Blue Bonnet™
● Genex Formula™
● Imuregen™
● Invite Nucleotide Complex
● Pituitrophin PMG™
● Nucleotide Complex (InVite™)
● Nucleo Immune™
● NucleoCharged™
● Quantum™ Nucleotide Complex
● Swanson™ Ultra Mixed Nucleotides

2. What are Amino Acids?

Amino Acid is a chain of basic chemical building blocks that produce specific types of protein that the body needs to build, rebuild, or repair itself. There are many types of amino acids, and twenty-two is essential.


An entire chain of 22 Amino Acids in the body ensures it has the right amount of chemicals to repair damaged cells.

Suppose the 26 letters in an alphabet can create millions of words. In that case, the 22 Amino Acids in Laminine can also do the same and replicate themselves to form several, if not unlimited, types of protein our body needs to repair itself.

With the right amount of proteins (Amino Acids), the body has the power pack of ammunition to combat daily stress, muscle, neuron, or cell tissue damage (Complete list of Amino Acids).

Dietary amino acid is available in most food, especially from chicken eggs.

10 Popular brands of amino acids protein mix

● 4Life Transfer Factor
● Beverly Mass
● Dr. Mercola Pure Power
● Healthy ‘N Fit
● Laminine
● Paleo Thin
● Purely Inspired Protein
● Solgar Essential
● Swanson Ultra Youth Tissue Extract

EnergyNot reallyYes
Dietary supplementIdeal for kidsIdeal for kids & adults

Both proteins (amino acids and nucleotides) are essential to a developing body. If the person is sick, a dietary supplement for nucleotides and particular proteins can help with recovery.

Particular proteins derived from a fertilized avian egg containing the Fibroblast Growth Factor, like nucleotide, assist in cell signaling and act as enzyme co-factors for multiple pathways.

Bottom line, like how amino acids work (building blocks of protein), nucleotides serve as the building blocks of DNA and RNA, both essential in the body.

Who should take a dietary protein supplement?

If you eat a well-balanced and healthy diet of meat, vegetables, and dairy, you do not need to take dietary supplements – that is simple.

However, people who are sick usually don’t have access to a nutritious and balanced meal. People who are sick eat less protein, a chemical ingredient in the body needed to repair itself.

But which is a better dietary supplement?

The clear winner is egg protein. Eggs contain protein and fats (lipids) but do not have significant amounts of carbohydrates. Although the whites have most of the protein, the yolk contains the lipid, which is not to say it is terrible.

The egg is an inexpensive and rich source of high-quality protein, grouped with meat, poultry, fish, and legumes.

In addition, getting it regularly from natural sources lessens the impact of possible side effects of protein overdose.

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