Atheist Bill Maher rebukes Woke ideology


Unexpected: Atheist Bill Maher rebukes woke ideology

Bill Maher mocks musicians claiming the equality of outcomes

In the 1990s, the American educational system introduced “equality of outcome” among young kids. Every kid gets a trophy, no matter how good or bad they are at something.

This thinking results in “American kids now have a deluded and unearned belief in their charm, brains, and talent,” Bill Maher said on his late-night show.

Maher blasted Rolling Stone’s article, ‘Data Shows 90 Percent of Streams Go to the Top 1 Percent of Artists.’ Yet in 2019, 1.6 million artists flooded Spotify with tracks and earned from it.

Bill Maher emphasizes that true equality isn’t feasible due to varying talent. He highlights Rolling Stone’s contradiction: they complain about top artists dominating streams while acknowledging diverse musical preferences. Maher’s point: not all music suits everyone, and he quips, “Google the word ‘reality.'”

Bill Maher rebukes Black reparation

Bill Maher admits Lincoln said some racist things, but so did every white person in 1860. Columbus enslaved people, but so did everyone in 1492 who could afford it, including people of color in other parts of the world.

Maher said he is not defending slavery, but saying that whatever age we live in, we would be the same kind of racist.

Stop flattering yourself that you are Nostradamus, and you would have known things were wrong at a time when nobody else thought that, like, if you were living 500 years ago, you’d be like, well, slavery is wrong, and gay and trans people should be represented in all of Shakespeare’s place. Shut up. You’re not better. You just came later,” Maher said.


The demonic ideology of Equality of Outcome

Democrats push for “diversity, inclusion, and equality” to support gender and religious freedom. However, the opposite is true. Their liberal policies have caused Christian persecution, especially among religious conservatives.

While Maher supports certain forms of equality, an intellectual atheist like him ironically points to the duplicity and hypocrisy of the left ideology.

The result is chaos demonstrated in the recent social-political unrest that beset the country during the Trump era. In 2021, President Biden pushed the “Gender Equality Act of 2021.”


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