Asians Called “Thieves,” Cultural Appropriation by Black Woman


Asian-owned Boba tea was accused of cultural appropriation by a Black woman

You’re not black-owned! You’re stealing black culture!”

A black American woman ranted at an Indonesian-owned “Trap Tea store” in Aurora, Colorado. Alewia Tola Roba accused the Asian owners of “stealing black culture.” Another black customer tried to mediate. Aleiwa called him a “coon.” She said the following:

This establishment is not black-owned, but you’re stealing black culture,” she said. “Is this not black culture? Trap Tea…”No! You’re thieves!

Asian people are stealing black culture once again! Once again!” she said. “It’s okay; you’ll be exposed, though! You’re not black-owned! You’re stealing black culture!

Trap culture—for black culture only

According to the Westword website, another black expressed deep anger over the use of “trap culture.” Shanae Jones of Ivy’s Tea Co. explained that the word “trap” pays homage to African black culture.

Another problem was that the “trap culture” grew out of socioeconomic disparity directly caused by systemic racism,” Jones said. The issue runs deep. Black groups led by Black Lives Matter is currently fighting for “racial equality.”

What’s Trap Tea?

Trap Tea store specializes in “boba tea” drinks. To evoke fun, its design is a mix of cultural influences. The name refers to trap music and culture, which originated with Black people in the South.

What’s Boba Tea?

Boba tea was called initially “bubble tea” (because the tapioca pearls looked like bubbles). “Boba” is short and slang for “Bubbles” in America. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the late 1980s.

Cultural appropriation spree this August?

Earlier in August, “woke Filipino-Americans” triggered by white-owned Barkada Restaurant for using a Filipino word. In the same month, “woke American-Korean Hemi Park” accused Char Kol of cultural appropriation for adopting a Korean menu for profit.


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