Anya Alindada: Homeschool to First Filipino at UK Ballet School

Anya Alindala, London 2023. (Photo: Instagram)

Anya Alindada: Her journey from homeschooling to the first Filipino graduate of the elite National Ballet School in the U.K.

Anya Nicole Y. Alindada, born and raised in the Philippines, is the first Filipino to graduate from the elite English National Ballet School in the U.K. in 2023.

Homeschooling Anya

Raised in a conservative Christian family, Anya’s parents believed that homeschooling was the best path to a valued education, and they were right. Not only did Anya excel in academics, but she also had plentiful time to engage in social activities and hone her talents.

More importantly, homeschooling helped her cultivate a deep appreciation for God’s teachings and doing things for God’s ultimate glory.


anya alindada ballet
Anya Alindada was homeschooled until high school. (Photo: Commencement exercise moving up to Junior High School in 2017)

“What I learned from dad”

For Anya’s parents, academics is critical but not the essential aspect of life that most people tend to think.

Some of the most essential life skills they instilled in their children were problem-solving, communication, and time management, but they also sought the value of immersing their young minds in art, music, and travel.

Anya’s two brothers have also been homeschooled and exposed to the refined arts—ballet, opera, and classical music—since they were toddlers.

I learned from my dad (who learned from his mom, Laureana Alindada, one of our country’s pioneers in non-traditional education) that the purpose of education is to learn how to learn on your own,” she said.

All these would not have been possible if she had gone to a traditional school.

immersing young minds in art, music, and travel.

Baby Anya with her dad and with with her mom in 2019.

Anya’s destiny: “All in God’s hand”

Julie Borromeo and Maricar Aragon-Andrada

Anya thrived in an environment that nurtured her love for various dance forms, such as jazz, tap, and flamenco.

She took gymnastics early on, a good foundation for any other form of dance. But like many other girls, she dreamed of becoming a “prima ballerina,” which she later pursued.

Guided by Julie Borromeo and Maricar Aragon-Andrada, she built a solid foundation in gymnastics and ballet.

she dreamed of becoming a “prima ballerina.”

Japan Grand Prix

Anya Alindala’s journey isn’t without challenges, but faith and prayers held and guided her path.

At 14, Anya competed in the Japan Grand Prix and was eager for advanced training abroad. However, that meant a substantial amount of tuition and living expenses.

Committing it to the Lord, faith, and a dream were all she had—knowing God would provide—and He did more!

Her dad, Arturo, points out, “Preparing to be your best entails knowing from WHO your talents come and for WHO you are dancing.”


Melbourne Academy of the Arts

Jakki, her mom, is constantly on the lookout for opportunities. She commits every step they take with prayer, even if, at times, they seem to be going in circles.

While searching for a tap dance training opportunity in Melbourne, she stumbled upon a “Three-day Ballet Intensive” that led to a scholarship.

She was offered a full-time training program at the Melbourne Academy of the Arts when the pandemic hit.

Things were uncertain, and it wasn’t an easy decision. However, her parents knew that God’s timing is always perfect, though we may see things differently.

They flew back to Melbourne, and Anya continued her studies online and training simultaneously.


Anya’s mom got her covered

Once again, homeschooling has proven to be the best decision for Anya’s education when she moved to Australia. However, this also meant moving towards independence, but her mom got that covered with unceasing prayer.

Ballet training is extremely exhausting and competitive, and since she’s the first Filipino to graduate from ENBS, all eyes are on her.

Moreover, she trains with other great talents, and it’s easy to be insecure, which is why developing confidence in God instead of herself was critical.

Develop God’s confidence instead of self-confidence. He knows your heart’s desires, and He will do what is best for you,” Jakki reminds her daughter.

Away from home, reading the Bible and prayer is her lifeline.

Develop God’s confidence instead of self-confidence.

Anya Alindala, London 2023. (Photo: @deanbarucija)

English National Ballet School in London

Alindada entered the Salieri Danza competition online in March 2021 and was invited to the English National Ballet School’s final round of auditions. (ENBS).

Viviana Durante, the artistic director of the ENBS, hand-picked Anya, who was 16 at the time, and offered her a scholarship. She entered ENBS in September of that same year.

The rest is history in the making.

Dance studio of the English National Ballet School in the U.K.

One of the five lead roles

A week before Anya’s graduation, the company’s new artistic director invited her to participate in its new season 23/24 of Nutcracker and Giselle.

Anya Alindada graduated from ENBS in July 2023 and was chosen to perform one of the five lead roles in their graduation piece.

She is currently in a Professional Trainee Program.


Mary Skeaping’s Giselle: Wilis (Extract), 2023.


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