Asian Hate Crimes Continues in 2022


3,795 Hate crimes against Asians in one year

Since this pandemic began, there were 3,795 anti-Asian hate rants or crimes against Asians or Pacific Islanders in approximately one year, according to AAPI’s 2021 National Report.

The pandemic lockdown started last March 2020, and two years after, the anti-Asian sentiments continue to happen.

Types of anti-Asian discrimination

  • Verbal harassment (68.1% of the total incidents)
  • Shunning of Asians in public places (20.5% of the total incidents)
  • Physical assault (11.1% of the total incidents)
  • Workplace discrimination or refusal of services (8.5% of the total incidents)
  • Barred from transportation (8.5% of the total incidents)
  • Online harassment (6.8% of the total incidents)

In 2022, a video posted by an Asian American couple on TikTok at a shopping mall in Newport Beach shows Sandra and Roger Miller allegedly saying racist slurs that have something to do with the coronavirus pandemic, The Kansas City Star reported.

In another incident, just days when the mask mandate was lifted in Illinois, a father whose kids were watching a movie wanted to to wait inside Marcus Cinema lounge, as he did before. The ticketing lady who was white said, “I need your wallet or keys, how will I know you’re not gonna get inside and watch—without a ticket?”

2022 Tiktok asian hate
The California teacher was fired for her behavior. The racist tirade blaming Asians for the pandemic continues.

California and New York

Violence and hate incidents directed at Asian Americans have surged across the USA, and incidents of violence erupted in California and New York, where a high concentration of Asians live.

Jeremy Lin shared his experience of being called “the coronavirus” during one of his games. And other Asian-American celebrities are speaking out about their personal experiences.

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