Normalizing adultery, calling it entanglement


Hollywood is normalizing adultery by calling it entanglement

In 2020, Men in Black star Will Smith and his wife Jada discussed their “open marriage” on TV’s Red Table Talk. Will asked Jada what she was looking for with her “interaction” (relationship) with singer August Alsina who was twenty years her junior.

Jada replied, “It has been so long since I felt good, and it was a joy to help heal somebody.” In short, Hollywood celebrities are normalizing adultery. Jada justified it by helping someone.

Will and his wife, Jada Smith, share their “open relationship in GMA. August Asina was Jada’s former lover whom she met through her teenage son in 2016.


Adultery, entanglement, trouple, polyamory, and open relationships are all in the same spectrum of normalizing sin

What used to be called adultery is labeled by the Smiths as “interaction.” The liberal mainstream media celebrates it—along with Hollywood movies.

Jada and Will had an “open relationship,” and they put it out for everyone to know; ergo, an intimate relationship outside marriage is OK.

Comedian Chris Rock, who Will slapped in a different incident, torched the couple in his Netflix show Selective Outrage. He said, “But for some reason, these n****** put that shit on the internet. I have no idea why two talented people would do something that f***** low down.

A new woke vocabulary

“Interaction” or “entanglement” is the latest woke vocabulary (politically correct way of saying adulterous relationship) in “woke America.”

Trouple and polyamory

A similar trend in an adulterous relationship is “trouple” (polyamory), where three people have an inclusive and intimate relationship.

Hollywood celebrities continue to normalize adultery

In 2022, actress Kate Hudson normalized having three kids with three different fathers as something to be proud of.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, she said, “It might not look traditional from the outside, but on the inside, I feel like we’re killing it.” She also said creating a traditional family was never her goal.

Good Moral and Right Conduct in public schools.

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