Almighty Zeus: A Movie by Manny Pacquiao


Almighty Zeus: A highly inspiring Asian-American movie produced by boxing legend Manny Pacquiao

The movie Almighty Zeus is an inspiring story of grace, courage, and determination. It begins with an old man attacked for being Asian. At the height of the pandemic, he was randomly assaulted by spraying hand sanitizer on his face.

Zeus Ortega, played by Filam Chris Soriano (Dynasty Boys), an aspiring young boxer, knocks out the aggressor.

The incident turned viral that got the attention of a Sniper (Michael D. Aguilar), a World Middleweight Champion who challenges the young boxer in the ring for an unorthodox boxing match.

Zeus encounters boxing legend Coach Green, played by Miguel Matos (Home Room), and takes Zeus under his wing. Green teaches Zeus under the pretext of sparring with the dangerous street fighters of Los Angeles.



A response against the rising Asian hate crimes

The movie was written and collaborated with writer, director, and actor Chris Soriano. It was in response to the increasing hate crimes against Asian Americans.

The movie packs an even bigger punch as the Eight-Division World Champion Legend Manny Pacquiao joins the project as executive producer.

I hope this movie will encourage and inspire many people, not only In America but all over the world. I hope It encourages people to spread love Instead of hate,” Manny said in an interview with CBS Los Angeles.

The film “Almighty Zeus” was released on December 2, 2022.

Boxing legend and Philippine senator Manny Pacquiao hopes the film will promote a better understanding of the plight of Asian Americans who are discriminated.


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