Affirmative Action is racially biased against Asians


Affirmative Action: Challenging perceptions of minority prioritization in America, which has become racially biased

The U.S. government has taken significant steps to support minority groups. Still, some argue that specific affirmative actions exhibit racism by excluding successful Asians because of their cultural drive.


1. Asians are less prioritized because they do better

In 2022, an Asian immigrant who graduated high school at the top of her class with a 1300 SAT received only a $5,000 scholarship, but her Hispanic colleague was given a $20,000 scholarship even if her GPA and scores were lower.

Asians ranked least among other applicants

According to the non-profit group ‘The 74,’ court documents show racial preferences boost Black and Hispanic college applicants, not necessarily because of their academic accomplishments.

  • In 2019, data from the College Board showed that about 25% of Asian high school graduates scored above 1400 on the SAT, compared with 8% whites, 2% Hispanics, and 1% African Americans, but were the least to get scholarship grants.
  • Storied institutions have systematically discriminated against Asian applicants, according to Peter Arcidiacono, an economist at Duke University.
  • Most African Americans fell into the bottom 20% of all applicants to both Harvard and UNC but were admitted at the highest rate, followed by Hispanics and whites. Asian applicants were the least.
  • Asians, despite high SAT, were consistently graded lower according to Harvard’s personality scores.
  • A 2020 study by Arcidiacono and colleagues suggested that without the subjective penalty faced by Asian applicants, their admission rate would be 19 percent higher than the current rate.
  • African American applicants were mostly in the lower 20 percent score but had high admission rates, followed by Hispanic, white, and the least were Asian applicants.

Scholarship appears to prioritize blacks.

A 2017 investigation revealed that Harvard University suppressed the number of Asian admissions because it’s Asians who exceed the academic qualifications more than other minorities.

Therefore, even if more Asians deserve to be in Harvard, they are limited to accommodate other minorities, such as Blacks—even if they do not deserve it.

Currently, Asians are about one-fourth of Harvard’s population.

In 2023, the infamous left-liberal MSNBC anchor Joy Reid admitted affirmative action got her into Harvard, according to an article in the N.Y. Post.


2. It’s creating another form of racism

Regardless of whether the motivation is out of “white guilt” or genuine concern, the politics behind affirmative action is creating reverse racism within the racial solution that’s supposed to promote justice and equality.

According to two prominent Black conservative activists, affirmative action has created a negative perception that society should prioritize support for Black students, Native Americans, and Hispanics over Asian minorities.

In other words, society feels terrible for Blacks or Hispanics because many are poor and uneducated. But not as much as Asian minorities because most are self-reliant.

Discrimination against white and Asian students

According to liberal-turned-conservative commentator Amala Ekpunobi, “We don’t feel bad for Asian Americans because they have a culture of high academic standing, they have a culture of drive and of facing adversity.

Dr. J. Luke Wood, Professor at San Diego State University, digress. He said academics is just one reason Blacks seem to get the leverage.

Amala said, “Even with those (other) factors considered, Asian and White students are discriminated against compared to Black counterparts….

Whites think her race is less than she is because of her skin.


3. Pitiful racist narrative to win votes

Also, a liberal-turned-conservative, Candace Owens, said it makes her blood boil that, as a Black person, Whites think her race is less than she is because of her skin color.

Owens explained in a senate panel that what’s happening is that Democrat politicians pull the pitiful racist narrative onto them to win votes instead of encouraging personal responsibility.

… every time you (University) take an application, you say, oh well, this girl’s black. So I kind of feel bad for her. So, I’m going to put her at the top of the line. It’s just not necessary,” she said.

Pointing out what Owens also said, “If we truly cared about minorities, it wouldn’t be affecting disproportionally Asian-Americans,” Amala said.

The bottom line: Affirmative action in the United States should prioritize fairness across all minorities—free from political manipulation that exploits Blacks and Hispanics as a pawn for political gain.


Political Black commentators and activist Candace Owens contend that reverse discrimination exists, and for Amala Ekpunobi, affirmative action has become racially biased against Asian minorities.


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