ABS-CBN Team Called “Pigs, Disease Carriers” in San Francisco Park


ABS-CBN News Team called “disease carriers” by a white man at a San Francisco Park in California

ABS-CBN North America’s TJ Manotoc’s team, who just reported on Filam James Juanillo‘s discrimination, slapped with racial slurs at Bernal Heights Park. The racist remarks rooted in the Coronavirus pandemic.

TJ Manotoc and Ginger Conejero were shooting video last Holy Week for TFC’s Balitang America at the outdoor park. “We shot our anchor spiels outdoors. In San Francisco, you’re still allowed to go to parks, take walks, or whatever, even though establishments were closed,” TJ said in ABS-CBN video.

Chinese-looking Filipino face COVID-19 Racism

You’re a danger to society, scolded the man

During the TV recording, a white American male walked passed behind the camera, ranting, “Six feet away, six feet away; pigs…, you’re disease carriers…” The team saw him again on their way out of the park, TJ rebuked him.

This time, he wore a mask and scolded them again, saying, “You’re a danger to society.” Hinting the fact they were Asians blamed for COVID-19 virus that’s plaguing US states like California.

Unidentified white man hurled insults to ABS-CBN crew. He accused them of not social distancing and hurled insults— “disease carriers!” a slur usually attributed to dirty swines. In a roundabout, the man shouted “You’re a danger to society.”

They were social distancing

Conejero said they were spaced well and away from people. “The path’s so wide, and you can’t avoid me? she said to the man. “He wasn’t even wearing a mask!” she added.

Just a few weeks ago, ABSCBN media giant turned to digital media, after the Philippines congress did not renew its franchise, leading to the permanent shutdown.

Racial tension is real, Asian Lives Matter too.

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