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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

122nd Philippine Independence Live in NY


122 Years of Philippine Independence, Live Stream Anniversary Event at NYC

The celebration of the 122nd Philippine Independence Anniversary “Virtual” Commemoration Event was held on June 12, LIVE from New York City! It was shared via LiveStream on Facebook Live.

The event was first, and one of a kind in Philippine Independence hosted and produced by the Philippine Independence Day Council. The online event was graced by the following:

GIUSA Galleros Robinson
Grand Marshal Dr. Francia De Vera M.D.
Hon. Grand Marshal John De Soto R.A.
Joji Jalandoni
Joji Rafael
Christine Gadol Pingol
Demi Kondracki
Maritess Songco
Caroline Itskov
Angel Ram
Derek Ramsey
Lovely Rivero
Marian Rivera

Special guest performers:

Angel Bonilla
Jo Awayan
Shane Ericks
Angel Ram
Martin Nievera

Sponsored by:

Galleros Robinson
Philippine National Bank (PNB), New York Branch
CDO-MISOR Association of NY
DJ Filipino Events
Kape’t Torta
Philippine Pearl Production Inc.
Philippine Airlines
Design District Studios LLC

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