80 Most Popular Filipino Celebrity on Social Media

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80 Most Popular Filipino Celebrities, politicians, and Influencers with the largest followers on social media YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter X in alphabetical order

AiAi Delas Alas: Comedian, Actress, Host

3 Million Followers | 1991 to present

Ai-Ai delas Alas started in stand-up comedy bars in Quezon City. In 1991, she co-hosted the late-night musical variety show RSVP and soon rose to fame for her hilarious antics.

By the 2000s, she earned the title “Queen of Comedy” through blockbuster movies, notably, “Ang Tanging Ina.” She is a relative of fellow singer-comedian Ogie Alcasid.

(Photo: AiAi Delas Alas in 2023 via Facebook)

Alex Gonzaga: Actress, Host

50.1 Million Followers | 2006 to present

Alex Gonzaga is an actress, TV host, and singer who was one of the first vloggers to become popular. She is the younger sister of Toni Gonzaga and is known for her vibrant and “no none-sense” personality.

Alex began with comedy roles in ABS-CBN and quickly became popular through hosting and content creator.

(Photo: Alex Gonzaga in 2023 via Facebook)

Alden Richards: Actor, Host

15 Million Followers | 2010 to present

Alden Richards’ sudden fame began with his tandem with Maine Mendoza, or the “AlDub love team” in the TV show, Eat Bulaga. He ventured into serious acting and TV drama making him one of the leading actors on GMA TV and a top product endorser.

Alden is considered one of the most admired and endearing actors among Filipino celebrities.

(Photo: Alden Richards in 2021 via Facebook)

Andrea Brillantes: Gen-Z Actress | 2010 to present

53 Million followers

Andrea Brillantes is a beloved Filipina actress known initially for her “sweet” TV and film roles. As a Gen-Zer, she is currently the most famous celebrity. Andrea’s popularity soars among Gen-Z.

(Photo: Andrea Brillantes in 2021 via Facebook)

Angelica Panganiban: Actress

21 Million Followers | 1992 to present

Angelica Panganiban is a versatile Filipino actress known for her roles in “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” and “Probinsiyano,” with a sensational personal life.

(Photo: Angelica Panganiban in 2021 via Facebook)

Angeline Quinto: Singer, Actress, Host

12 Million Followers | 2011

Angeline Quinto is renowned for her high notes. Her career took off after winning “Star Power: Sharon’s Search for the Next Female Pop Superstar” in 2011, and the following year became the Female Recording Artist of the Year.

(Photo: Angeline Quinto in 2023 via Facebook)

Anne Curtis: Actor, Model

56.5 Million Followers | 1997 to present

Ann Curtis marked her film debut in 1997 at TGIS and took on various minor TV and film roles. Her breakthrough was in 2005 for her lead role in the TV series ‘Kampanerang Kuba,’ propelling her into subsequent roles and modeling ventures.

Ann was the first Pinoy celebrity to hit millions of followers at the dawn of social media. Since 2015, she’s focused on “It’s Showtime,” securing her second Best Female TV Host win.

(Photo: Ann Curtis in 2022 via Facebook)

Angel Locsin: Actor, Politician

47.5 Million Followers | 2005

In 2003, Angel Locsin’s boyfriend Miko Sotto’s accidental death led to her discovery. She later auditioned and secured the coveted role of Darna in 2005, launching her into success and more film opportunities.

Her relationship with matinee idol Richard Gutierrez also drew significant attention. Eventually, she explored politics.

(Photo: Angel Locsin in 2018 via Facebook)

Bailey May: Actor, Singer

8.5 Million Followers | 2015

Bailey May’s early start led him to fame via music covers and his entry on Pinoy Big Brother, which opened doors to acting and serious singing, incorporating his dancing talents and persona.

(Photo: Bailey May in 2020 via Instagram)

Bea Alonzo: Actress

18.5 Million Followers | 2008 to present

Bea Alonzo is a highly regarded Filipina actress known for her exceptional talent in both TV and movie. She is regarded as the “Queen of Movies” during her early career, with a fan base across generations and numerous product endorsements.

(Photo: Bea Alonzo in 2023 via EO Optical)

Bianca Gonzalez: Actress, Host

12.4 Million Followers | 2001 to present

Bianca Gonzalez gained popularity when she entered ABS-CBN Pinoy Big Brother and later became its host. She did a few acting roles and ventured into other hosting and content creation.

(Photo: Bianca Gonzales in 2023 via Facebook)

Catriona Gray: Beauty Queen, Model, Actor

18.5 Million Followers | 2020 to present

Catriona Gray began her pageant career as Little Miss Philippines in 1999. She became Miss World Philippines 2016 and Miss Universe Philippines 2018, subsequently coveting the Miss Universe 2018 title. She ventured into hosting and married matinee idol Sam Milby in 2023.

(Photo: Catriona Gray-Milby in 2023 via Facebook)

Carla Abellana: Actress

2.8 Million Followers | 2009 to present

Carla Abellana is a Filipina actress and model. Her grandmother is the iconic Filipino actress Delia Razon, and his dad, Rey “PJ” Abellana, a 1980s matinee idol.

(Photo: Carla Abellana in 2018 via Instagram)

Camille Prats

12.5 Million Followers

Camille Prats (Yambao) is a Filipino actress and TV host who gained popularity as the Philippines’ “Princess of Drama” in the 1990s, particularly her role as Sarah in ‘Ang Munting Prinsesa.”

(Photo: Camille Prats in 2023 via Facebook)

Christine Reyes: Actress

15.2 Million Followers

Christine Reyes, a renowned Filipino actress, is known as the “Ultimate Star” for her “sexy beauty” and talent, despite her tough childhood, past scandals, and bad relationships.

(Photo: Christine Reyes in 2021 via Facebook)

Coco Martin: Actor

6.5 Million Followers

Coco Martin gained immense popularity for his iconic role in the long-running drama “Probinsyano,” and his fame initially grew from his impactful performances in indie films.

(Photo: Coco Martin in 2019 via Instagram)

Daniel Matsunaga: Actor, Model

4.5 Million Followers

Daniel Matsunaga is a Brazilian-Japanese model and actor who gained attention through the reality TV show “Pinoy Big Brother” in 2014 and eventually landed into acting in the Philippines.

(Photo: Daniel Matsunaga in 2019, via Facebook)

Daniel Padilla: Actor, Singer

15 Million Followers

Daniel Padilla’s parents are actors and nephews of action star Robin Padilla and BB Gandang Hari. He began his career at 15, gained fame in the TV series Princess and I, and ventured into a singing career. The “Kathniel” (with Kathryn Bernardo) love team in 2011 contributed to his meteoric rise.

(Photo: Daniel Padilla in 2023 via Facebook)

Derek Ramsay: Actor, Model

2.8 Million Followers

Derek Ramsay is a British-Filipino actor who began his career as an MTV VJ and commercial model. In the early 2000s, he became a co-host segment in Eat Bulaga, launching his career as a sought-after leading man in primarily dramatic roles. He eventually hosted his show, The Amazing Race Philippines, on TV5.

(Photo: Derek Ramsay in 2016 via Pople Asia)

Ding Dong Dantes: Actor, Host

9.5 Million Followers

Ding Dong Dantes began as a child actor and became a versatile host. He and his wife, Marian Rivera, are the new “Royal celebrity” of the Philippines. Ding Dong is GMA TV’s top artist for his hosting and acting talent.

(Photo: Ding Dong Dantes in 20221 via Facebook)

Enrique Gil: Actor, Singer

9.5 Million Followers

Enrique Gil kickstarted his career at 16 by joining a Trumpets Playshop summer workshop, where he was encouraged to audition at Star Magic in 2008. Since then, he has landed various roles in drama and movies that helped him build a steady showbiz career, including an album and singles.

(Photo: Enrique Gil in 2023 via Facebook)

Gary Valenciano: Musician

6 Million Followers

Gary Valenciano‘s exceptional vocals combined with extreme dancing abilities earned him the title “Mr. Pure Energy.” Against all odds, he shifted to gospel music after becoming a Christian. A risk that took him to even greater heights.

Gary V regards himself as a living miracle, having triumphed over near-death experiences due to health challenges. He sustains a vibrant career, drawing strength from his faith and relationship with Jesus.

(Photo: Gary V. in 2019 via Facebook)

Georgina Wilson: Model, Actress, Host

8.5 Million Followers

Georgina Wilson, a Filipino-British model, gained recognition for her modeling and high-profile relationship with actor Richard Gutierrez, solidifying her status as a fashion icon. She married Brit Arthur Burnhand in 2016.

(Photo: Georgina Wilson-Burand in 2023 via Facebook)

Heart Evangelista: Actress, Model

33 Million Followers

Heart Evangelista-Escudero began as an actress and became an international model, philanthropist, and social media personality. Her following is across generations.

(Photo: Heart Evangelista 2023 via Facebook)

James Reid: Musician, Actor

10.8 Million Followers

James Reid began his career in Pinoy Big Brother in 2010. However, his popularity surged after his standout role in “On the Wings of Love” in 2015, where his chemistry with Nadine Lustre turned him into an overnight matinee idol. He is currently focused on creating music through Careless Music.

(Photo: James Reid in 2023 via Facebook)

Jericho Rosales, Actor, Host, Singer

7.5 Million Followers

Jericho Rosales is a well-known Filipino actor and musician. He has significantly impacted the Philippine entertainment industry, mainly through his roles in television dramas and films.

(Photo: Jericho Rosales in 2023 via Facebook)

Judy Ann Santos: Actress, Host

6 Million Followers

Judy Ann Santos – Agoncillo, or Juday, is a prolific Filipino actress who started her acting journey in the 1990s with hit dramas and movies. She has a broad fan base spanning multiple generations and is married to the well-known actor and host Ryan Agoncillo.

(Photo: Judy Ann Santos – Agoncillo in 2023 via Facebook)

Isabel Oli and John Prats: Actors

9.5 Million Followers

Isabel Oli (Prays) started an early serious acting career and developed her following until her relationship blossomed with equally popular “funny” actor/director John Prats. Currently, the Oli-Prats family is developing their content on social media.

(Photo: Isabel Oli with husband John Prats in 2023 via Facebook)

Isko Moreno Domagoso: Actor, Host, Politician

10.5 Million Followers

Isko Moreno was a popular “sexy” matinee idol in the 1980s. His story from rags to riches and slow rise into politics eventually earned him national recognition for his trustworthiness and dedication as a politician.

(Photo: Isko Moreno in “Ipaglaban Mo” 1991 via Youjtube)

Ivana Alawi: Actor, Model

62 Million Followers

Ivana Alawi, is a Filipino actress, model, and YouTuber. She is also the CEO of her skincare brand called Ivana Skin. Ivana currently holds the record as the most famous actress among Millenials.

(Photo: Ivana Malawi in 2023 via Facebook)

Julia Montes: Actress

18.5 Million Followers

Julia Montes is a Filipino-German actress hailed as the country’s “Daytime Drama Queen.” She began her acting career in “Goin’ Bulilit” in 2005. Julia’s breakthrough came in 2010 with her role as Clara in the longest-running classic soap opera Mara Clara.

(Photo: Julia Montes in 2021 via Facebook)

Kathryn Bernardo: Actor

37.2 Million Followers

One-half of the popular “KathNiel” love team, Kathryn Bernardo’s beauty and acting skills have won her a massive following among Filipino television and film fans.

(Photo: Kathryn Bernardo in 2023 via Facebook)

Katrina Velarde: Singer

2.4 Million Followers

Katrina Velarde is a talented Filipina singer known for her impressive vocal range and powerful performances in the Philippine music industry.

(Photo: Katrina Velarde in 2023 via Facebook)

Karylle: Singer, Host

10 Million Followers

Karylle Padilla Tatlonghari (Yuzon) is the daughter of famed actress and singer Zsa Zsa and the granddaughter of boxing referee Carlos Padilla Jr. Her mentor, Gary Valenciano, helped introduce her to the music industry and soon paved her own path into her long career. She later ventured into hosting TV shows.

(Photo: Karylle Padilla in 2011 via Wikipedia)

Kim Chu: Actor

37 Million Followers

Kim Chiu, a Filipino actress, singer, and TV host, is known for her innocent charm. She gained her breakthrough 2006 on Pinoy Big Brother, subsequently joining Star Magic and the ASAP. She achieved accolades, released an album, and by 2009, she had established herself as a leading actress with a string of successful commercial films.

(Photo: Kim Chu in 2022 via Facebook)

Kris Aquino: Actor

12 Million Followers

Known for her candid and sometimes controversial posts, Kris Aquino was once an influential media personality with a significant following despite being past her prime. She is the daughter and sister of two former Philippine Presidents. Her family was critical in the People Power uprising that toppled the Marcos dictatorship in 1986.

(Photo: Kris Aquino in 2018 via Facebook)

Lea Salonga: Actor, Singer

10.5 Million Followers

An internationally acclaimed Broadway and Disney star, Lea Salonga’s unique and captivating voice, charisma, and acting talent have made her a global sensation. She is currently the most-watched Filipino on YouTube.

(Photo: Lea Salonga in 2023 via Facebook)

LJ Reyes: Actress

2.5 Million Followers

LJ Reyes (Lourna Jane) began her showbiz journey as First Princess in the 2004 “StarStruck” competition on GMA. She secured roles in TV and film, eventually winning Best Actress at the 39th Gawad Urian Awards. She continues to create content and is outspoken about her Christian faith.

(Photo: LJ Reyes in 2021 via Facebook)

Liza Soberano: Actor, Model

33 Million Followers

Liza Soberano’s ethereal beauty and talent have made her a favorite among fans of Philippine entertainment. In 2022, Liza decided to move her career to Hollywood.

(Photo: Liza Soberano in 2023 via Facebook)

Lucy Torres-Gomez: Actress, Politician

2.5 Million Followers

Lucy Torres-Gomez is a Filipina politician, actress, and television host whose marriage with actor Richard Gomez in 1997 was considered the wedding of the year. Torres came from a prominent family, and the latter was a matinee idol.

(Photo: Lucy Torres in 2022 via Facebook)

Luis Manzano: Actor, Host

12.5 Million Followers

Luis Manzano gained early fame as a baby, with his iconic actress mother, Vilma Santos, often greeting him on air with “I love you, Lucky.” He kicked off his career as a model and VJ. His breakthrough came with the film “In My Life” in 2009, followed by numerous movies and awards. He’s notably recognized for hosting roles on “Pilipinas Got Talent” and “Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal.”

(Photo: Luis “Lucky’ Manzano in 2014 via Facebook)

Marco Gumabao: Actor, Model

3.2 Million Followers

Marco Gumabao, son of renowned 1980s actor turned politician Dennis Roldan, like his father, found himself under the shadow of sexy image while transitioning into serious acting roles. He gained prominence as Bench’s lead model for underwear in 2017, though he also became Penshoppe model in 2021 for its clothing.

(Photo: Marco Gumabao in 2021 via Facebook)

Maricar Reyes: Actress, Model

2.7 Million Followers

Maricar Reyes is known for her Asian beauty and also for her perceived innocence until a scandal broke. Embracing Christianity, Maricar Reyes-Poon was completely transformed, leading to finding her true love and a fulfilled life.

(Photo: Maricar Reyes-Poon at 38 in 2019 as Metro’s cover)

Main Mendoza: Host, Actress

14.5 Million Followers

Maine Mendoza was a lesser-known tidbit host when she gained popularity for her “Yaya Dub” role in Eat Bulaga TV show, where she was paired with Alden Richards. She later ventured into acting and comedy.

(Photo: Maine Mendoza in 2023 via Facebook)

Matteo Guidicelli: Actor

10.5 Million Followers

Matteo Guidicelli is a Filipino-Italian celebrity actor, singer, and model, and he’s also recognized for his passion for sports, particularly in racing and various outdoor activities. He married the singing sweetheart, Sarah Geronimo, in 2020.

(Photo: Matteo Guidicelli in 2023 via Facebook)

Marian Rivera: Actress

43.5 Million Followers

Mestiza Marian Rivera, a leading Filipina actress, rose to fame with her breakout role as Marimar in 2007. Renowned for her charming personality, she remains sought after and is considered one of the country’s most beautiful people. Her marriage with DingDong Dantes has made them a power couple in showbiz.

(Photo: Marian Rivera in 2023 via Facebook)

Manny Pacquiao: Boxer, Politician

32.5 Million Followers

Known as the “Pac-Man,” Manny Pacquiao is a legendary boxer with a massive international following, including Hollywood celebrities. He is also a motivational speaker and won a Senate seat in 2016.

(Photo: Manny with wife Jingkee Pacquiao in 2023 via Facebook)

Max Collins: Model, Actor

5.2 Million Followers

Max Collins, a Filipino-American actress, and model, began her career by joining the reality TV show “StarStruck” in 2010. The following year, she became part of Star Magic Batch 15, landing several roles until she moved to GMA TV in 2011.

(Photo: Max Collins in 2023 via Facebook)

Megan Young: Beauty Queen, Host

10 Million Followers

Megan Young (Daez) began as a young model and later won Miss World Philippines and, subsequently, Miss World in 2013. She entered showbiz by winning Top-6 in StarStruck 2003 and went into acting and hosting. She married TV host Mikael Daez in 2017 and ventured into content creation in 2010, gaining millions of followers on Facebook.

(Photo: Megan Young-Daez in 2023 via Facebook)

Michael V “Bitoy:” Actor, Rapper, Host, Comedian

4.5 Million Followers

Michael V (Bitoy) began his illustrious career in the 1990s doing rap music and singing parodies, and comedy acting. “Bubble Gang,” now TV’s longest-running comedy, is where he achieved monumental success. Bitoy is a comedic genius who redefined intelligent humor.

(Photo: Bitoy in 2023 via Facebook)

Ogie Alcasid: Singer, Comedian, Host

3 Million Followers

Ogie Alcasid’s career began shortly after high school. He released his debut album in 1989 and soon ventured into romantic films and began his successful TV and songwriting career in 1992.

Although short of height, his marriage with Miss Universe Michelle van Eimeren in 1994 raised eyebrows. They separated as good friends and ended up with the love of his life, Regine Alcasid.

(Photo: Ogie Alcasid in 2006 via Salt Media)

Paolo Avelino: Actor

6.2 Million Followers

Paolo Avelino is a versatile Filipino actor and model known for his roles in television and movies and is critically acclaimed for his various roles in indie films.

(Photo: Paolo Avelino in 2023 via Facebook)

Pia Wurtzbach: Beauty Queen, Model, Actress

33 Million Followers

Pia Wurtzbach (Jauncey) is a Filipina-German model who made history as the Binibining Pilipinas and Miss Universe 2015. She then ventured into acting, hosting, and advocacies.

(Photo: Pia Wurtzbach-Jauncey in 2023 via Instragram)

Piolo Pascual: Actor, Host, Singer

8.2 Million Followers

Piolo Pascual began his career through “That’s Entertainment” in 1994. He soon went into serious acting and evolved into a seasoned actor, winning multiple awards. In the 2000s, Piolo became a top-rated TV host, product endorser, and successful movie producer. In the pre-social media era, he gained the moniker “Papa Piolo” as a Filipino matinee idol.

(Photo: Piolo Pascual in 2017 as a Tide detergent endorser)

Rayver Cruz: Dancer, Actor, Host

10 Million Followers

Rayver Cruz began his career in the 1990s as part of a child magazine show. In 2002, he was part of Star Magic Circle, which led to his first leading role, a series of “sexy ads,” and a string of films, including music albums. He moved to GMA in 2018 and pursued hosting, dancing, and singing career.

(Photo: Rayver Cruz in 2020 via Facebook)

Regine Velasquez: Singer, Actress

3 Million Followers

“Asian Song Bird” Regine Velasquez (Alcasid) secured her first record deal in 1984 after winning the Bagong Kampeon competition. She was only 14 and, in 1990, released her second album, “Nineteen 90,” which propelled her into stardom.

Regine’s career is marked by sold-out concerts and multi-platinum albums, making her “the Queen” and the inspiration of many of today’s singers. She’s known for her sweet bel-canto style, progressing into extremely high belting notes.

(Photo: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid in 2023 concert, ‘Iconic’)

Richard Gomez: Actor, Politician

4.5 Million Followers

Richard Gomez is a Filipino actor, model, and athlete. He was a top matinee idol in the 1990s and became very popular as a versatile actor and a long-time Bench endorser. He has been paired with numerous leading female actresses earning him the sole title of “tall, dark and handsome” leading man in Philippine showbiz. He later ventured into successful politics.

(Photo: Richard Gomez as a young model in Bench in 1989)

Richard Gutierrez: Actor

4 Million Followers

Richard Gutierrez and his brother Raymond began early in their career as product endorsers. Coming from a prominent showbiz family in the Philippines, they ventured into the entertainment business. Richard forged his career as a matinee idol until he settled down in 2020.

(Photo: Twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez ni 2019 on Kiehl’s ad)

Richard Yap: Actor, Host, Political Activist

3 Million Followers

Richard Yap Jumawas is a Filipino actor and businessman. He first gained a significant following for his role as “Sir Chief” Lim in Be Careful with My Heart and “Papa Chen” in My Binondo Girl from 2012 to 2014.

(Photo: Richard Yap in 2019 via Instagram)

Ruffa Mae Quino: Comedy Actress

3.4 Million Followers

Ruffa Mae Quinto’s journey in show business kicked off in 1994 with an opportunity from That’s Entertainment. She soared to greater heights in 2000 with her starring role in the blockbuster hit ‘Booba,’ solidifying her status as a pop culture icon through a series of successful comedy films.

(Photo: Ruffa Mae Quino in 2023 via Facebook)

Robin Padilla: Actor, Politician

7.7 Million Followers

Robin Padilla’s fame began in the 1980s with action roles. He later transitioned to romantic films and earned the “bad boy” and “idol” moniker due to his machismo and playboy image. He first ran for Senate in 2019 and again in 2022 when he won a seat and continued his advocacies.

(Photo: Screenshot of Robin Padilla in the movie “Bad Boy” in 1990)

Ruffa Gutierrez: Actor, Model, Host

3.5 Million Followers

Hailing from the “royal showbiz family” of the Gutierrez, Ruffa’s versatile career came with controversies, especially with her marriage with businessman Yilmaz Bektas. Her evolution into a top-tier celebrity is underscored by her crowning achievement as second-place Miss World in 1993.

(Photo: Ruffa Gutierrez via Instagram)

Sarah Geronimo: Actor, Singer

21 Million Followers

Sarah Geronimo began her career as a young actor in bit roles and singing contests. In 2002, Sarah was 14 when she joined “Star for a Night,” hosted by her idol Regine Velasquez. Her style, previously unique to Velasquez for decades, instantly brought her fame. She married matinee idol Matteo Guidicelli in 2020.

(Photo: Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli in 2021 via Instagram)

Sam Pinto: Actress, Model

10 Million Followers

Sam Pinto (Bahadoran) began her career with early modeling, transitioned into acting, made a notable appearance on “Pinoy Big Brother,” and was named FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman for two consecutive years.

(Photo: Sam Pinto – Bahadoran in 2011 San Miguel beer ad)

Sarah Lahbati: Actress

23 Million Followers

Sarah Lahbati, a Filipino-Moroccan actress and model, first gained fame from the talent show StarStruck and her marriage with matinee idol Richard Gutierrez.

(Photo: Sarah Lahbati in 2023 via Facebook)

Sam Milby: Actor, Muscian, Model

7.7 Million Followers

Sam Milby is a Filipino-American actor, singer, and model who started his career in TV commercials. He gained popularity when he joined Pinoy Big Brothers in 2005 but was abruptly pulled out of the reality show to jumpstart his acting and singing career. He married Miss Universe Catriona Gray in 2023.

(Photo: Sam Milby in 2021 via Facebook)

Sanya Lopez: Actress, Singer

31 Million Followers

Sanya Lopez is a Filipina actress and singer. She rose to stardom when she was announced as the new Hara Danaya in the remake of Encantadia.

(Photo: Sanya Lopez in 2022 via Facebook)

Sharon Cuneta: Singer, Actress, Host

4.2 Million Followers

Sharon Gamboa Cuneta-Pangilinan is one of the most successful and established Filipina singers and hosts, earning her the title “Megastar.” She began her career at 12 and quickly rose to become the most popular teenage actress of her time—along with numerous awards and several successful TV shows.

(Photo: Sharon Cuneta in 2023 via Facebook)

Sheryn Regis: Musician

4.6 Million Followers

Sheryn Regis was the grand winner of “Star in a Million” in 2003. She was a crowd favorite, but her mainstream popularity waned over the years until recently with her hit song “Gusto ko ng Bumitaw.” She’s back and continues to be one of the finest vocalists in the Philippines.

(Photo: Sheryn Regis in 2023 via Facebook)

Toni Gonzaga: Actor, Host, Singer

8.2 Million Followers

Toni Gonzaga began by joining a singing contest. Her break came with a Sprite TV ad with Piolo Pascual in 2001, and she became a co-host at Eat Bulaga the following year. She is a celebrated Filipina comedy actress and host. She became a household name for hosting the long-running reality show Pinoy Big Brother.

tony gonzaga
(Photo: Toni Gonzaga in 2022 via Facebook)

Vice Ganda: Actor, Host

62 Million Followers

Vice Ganda started as a singer and comedian at Punchline and The Library in Manila. He quickly became a popular host for her intelligent humor, quip, and sarcasm. He is also a string of successful comedy films and is considered the most successful gay comedian in the Philippines.

(Photo: Vice Ganda in 2023 via Facebook)

Vhong Navarro: Actor, Dancer, Host

17.8 Million Followers

Vhong Navarro began his career in the early 1990s. He landed on several acting films, dancing stints, and TV hosting. His big break came as co-host of Wazzup Waazup in 2003 and Pilipinas, Game KNB in 2008. In 2009, he became a permanent co-host in “It’s Showtime,” which continues to air today.

(Photo: Vhong Navarro in 2023 via Facebook)

Xian Lim: Actor

5 Million Followers

Xian Lim is a Filipino actor, model, and singer. His breakthrough came with a cameo role in “My Girl” in 2008, paving the way for a series of films, notably the successful “Bride for Rent” in 2014. Earlier in 2011, he gained swift recognition for his appearance in a McDonald’s TV commercial due to his distinctive “Chinoy” features. He rose to fame as co-host in ASAP with his on-screen love team with Kim Chiu.

(Photo: Xian Lim in 2023 via Facebook)

Yasmien Kurdi: Actress, Singer

5 Million Followers

Yasmien Kurdi, a Filipina actress, singer, and model, began her career winning in the first season of “StarStruck” in 2003. She became a household name with her role as Mira in the Encantadia TV series in 2005 and Bakekang in 2007.

(Photo: Yasmien Kurdi in 2023 via Facebook)


Yeng Constantino: Singer, Songwriter

35 Million Followers

Yeng Constantino is the Philippine’s “Pop Rock Royalty” for her steady career, numerous hits, and multiple awards. Her career kicked off in 2006 after winning “Grand Star” at Pinoy Dream Academy.

As a born-again Christian, Yeng Constantino has always kept her values intact despite having a career in an industry filled with compromises.

In 2016, Yeng recorded a Mandarin version of her hit song “Ikaw” for the Academy of Rock in Singapore. In 2023, the school named her its Global Ambassador.

Top 3 Filipino politicians with the largest social media followers on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram combined

Raffy Tulfo: Senator, TV Commentator

33 Million Followers

Raffy Tulfo is a renowned “no none sense” Filipino journalist and host, famous for his “Wanted sa Radyo” show, where he assists people with issues and disputes. His popularity earned him a seat in the Senate.

(Photo: Raffy Tulfo in 2022 via Facebook)

Isko Moreno Domagoso: Mayor, Actor, Host

9.7 Million Followers

Isko Moreno was a popular “sexy” matinee idol in the 1980s. His story from rags to riches and slow rise into politics eventually earned him national recognition for his trustworthiness and dedication as a politician.

(Photo: Isko Moreno-Domagoso in 2020 at Manila City Hall)

Erwin Tulfo: Representative, TV Commentator

7 Million Followers

Like his brother Raffy, Erwin Tulfo gained popularity as a radio and TV host. He is known for his outspoken commentary on social and political matters.

(Photo: Erwin Tulfo in 2023 via Facebook)

Top 3 Filipino influencers with the largest social media followers on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram combined

Niana Guerrero: Gen-Z Influencer

94 Million Followers

Niana Guerrero is a Filipino dancer, singer, and social media personality credited for the “Booty Work” dance craze.

(Photo: Niana Guerrero in 2023 via Facebook)

Zeinab Harake: Gen-Z Influencer

46 Million Followers

Zeinab Harake is a Filipina-Lebanese vlogger who began her meteoric rise with her first post in 2019 and collaboration with other influencers.

(Photo: Zeinab Harake in 2023 via Facebook)

Yanyan De Jesus: Gen-Z Influencer

24 Million Followers

Yanyan De Jesus is a notable TikTok dancer renowned for his outstanding dance talent and unique choreography. He is a former G-Force member.

(Photo: Yan-Yan De Jesus in 2022 via Facebook)


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