Trumpism Divided Christians, A Good Thing?


Trumpism Divided Christians: Who’s right and who is wrong?

In 2016, Pope Francis said, “Trump is not Christian” because he pledged to stop illegal immigrant crossing. Some protestant leaders rallied Christians not to vote for him in 2020. However, an overwhelming majority of evangelicals supported Trump. Hence they were charged with “Trumpism,” and many of his supporters canceled.

Christians for and against President Donald Trump

Bible teacher John Piper referred to Trump as “A gangrene of sinful self-exaltation, boasting, and strife-stirring.” While apologist John MacArthur said, “Any real true believer’ will support Trump in (last) November.” Christians are divided.

Christians who disavow Trump

Max Lucado
Author, Abilene gradute
Associated with Credobaptist

Beth Moore
Living Ministries
Associated with Prosperity Gospel

Ed Stetzer
Dean, Wheaton College
Associated with Calvinism

John Piper
Author and apologist
Associated with Calvinism

Mark Galli
Christianity Today
Associated with Calvinism

Rick & Kay Warren
Saddleback Church
Baptist Evangelical

Christians who affirmed Trump

Eric Metaxas
Author, Yale graduate
Attends Presbyterian Church

Paula White
Associated with Prosperity Gospel

Jerry Prevo
President, Liberty University
Associated with Baptists

John MacArthur
Author and apologist
Associated with Calvinism

Franklin Graham
Associated with Evangelicals

Guillermo Maldonado
El Rey Jesús
Apostolic Prophetic Church

Opposing sides

For the left side, “Trump is not Christian;” many left-liberals hate him. On the right side, “Trump is a work in progress,” said Franklin Graham, whose father supported the former POTUS.

Christian leaders from Wheaton College and Christianity Today also disavowed Trump as well.

Psychologists confirm he is a narcist and perhaps racist. However, despite MSM’s narrative, there is “no evidence” Trump is racist, according to Dr. Thomas Sowell, a prominent Black social theorist.

Christian or not, the antipathy is strong from left-liberals and Democrats. Many in the LGBTQ community, BLM, and witches want “Trump out and canceled for good.”

LGBTQ, BLM, and witches want Trump out for good.


Who should replace Trump?

Religious Professor Carl Trueman frames it this way—Mother Theresa is unavailable. Thus, we are looking at a “left-liberal Democrat” who pushes abortion and counterfeit gender equality.

Of course, America is not looking for a saint but a national leader. In 2021, Left Liberal Joe Biden won and planned to undo Trump’s legacy.

One of the Biden-Harris significant accomplishments was the Gender Equality Act—which right-conservative Dutch Sheets said legitimized immorality in America.

It exposes the hearts of Christian leaders

A (political) melee divides; why dive in if it can cause friction? If anything, it reveals the hearts of men through the people who they support or disavow—which becomes a good thing.

Politics divide and a Christian leader willing to expose a “political position” may reflect what matters most to him.


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